“Internationalisation is the core strategy that permeates everything we do – from teaching and learning, research and development, collaboration with partners, benchmarking with the best in the world, to nurturing leaders who address global challenges and contribute to social progress for a better world.”

The School of Communication sees internationalisation as an essential component of its all-round development into a renowned centre of teaching and research excellence that produces graduates with global vision who can become future leaders and compete with the best in the world. Since 2000, the School has implemented an increasingly active internationalisation programme that includes diversifying the nationalities and backgrounds of both staff and students, organising overseas study tours, setting up international exchange partnerships, providing internships abroad, enabling cross-border research collaboration, and supporting global research output and participation in high-level conferences around the world.

Internationalisation is not an end itself, but an integral part of our aim to enhance the competitiveness of our students and graduates, with the goal of providing them with more opportunities for advancement in our increasingly interconnected world and preparing them for leadership and service as global citizens.

The School of Communication encourages students to go global through international exchanges, internships, study tours, research in overseas laboratories, or community service across the globe. This provides students with valuable experiences to enhance their academic pursuits, sharpen their language proficiency and deepen their understanding of different cultures. The core goal is to allow students to gain this global outlook through first-hand international experience.

North America:
United States
- New York
- Washington, D.C.
- California
- Vancouver

Cambodia, Dubai, India, Japan,
Kazakhstan, Macau, Malaysia, Mainland China,
Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Singapore,
South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland, France, Germany, Italy,
Norway, Poland, Scotland, Sweden,
The Netherlands, United Kingdom