50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

With the School’s enduring motto “Truth is Virtue”, 2018 marks the School of Communication’s Golden Jubilee.

During the 1960s in the past century, before communication education became a widespread concept in Hong Kong, the then Hong Kong Baptist College had already established the Department of Communication, with three distinct sequences – or concentrations: Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, and Broadcasting, pioneering the communication education in Hong Kong. Till the early 1990s, the department has expanded into the School of Communication and has nurtured over 12,000 communication professionals. Generations of communication alumni actively contribute to society, with many of whom holding important positions in media organizations and creative industries.

The School’s 50th anniversary commemorative book, Years of Endeavour & Excellence,records the story of the then Department of Communication under Lion Rock transforming into a renowned communication school in Asia. Moreover, it describes the School’s latest developments and blueprint, and features the interviews of the 22 awardees of the Distinguished Communication Alumni Award this year, “COMM Memories”, as well as the inspirational stories told by our founding leaders such as Professor Timothy Yu, Mr Raymond R Wong and Mr Chang Kuo-sin who eliminated all odds and led the School forward.

O Southern Sea, O Lion Rock.

The School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University witnessed the birth and growth of the communication education in Hong Kong, as well as the numerous changes that the Hong Kong society has experienced over the years.