Student Life

Life in the School of Communication is dynamic: students learn not only in lectures and tutorials but from practicums, internships, study tours and exchanges outside Hong Kong. Each Concentrations has its own workshop, in which students produce experimental newspapers, run a web-based broadcast news station, launch publicity campaigns or organise exhibitions and film and video festivals. Moreover, the Communication Society coordinates all students of the School and organizes many varied activities, such as orientation camp, academic week and study tour.

The Communication Programme is among the most popular programmes at the University.

The faculty put their hearts into teaching and learning with students. Every year we attract a very high number of applicants and admit students of good quality. Besides impressive academic attainment, our students also possess such qualities as leadership, eloquence, originality and creativity, making them well-rounded communicators. Students enjoy their life in the School very much.

The Course trains students to become inquisitive and creative in organizing their studies and work. As well as conventional academic requirements the Course includes a good deal of practical work. Besides lectures and tutorials, professors arrange other activities such as guest lectures, field trips and seminars. Students run their own workshops to put theories into practice. They produce experimental newspapers, organize film and video festivals, launch publicity campaigns, run a broadcast news network, and so on.

Student Exchange

Looking for a life-changing experience? All undergraduate students are eligible to apply for one or two semesters of exchange after at least one full year at UGC‐funded programmes at HKBU. International Office limits applicants to those with 2.5 GPA or higher. Please click here ( to PDF ) for details.

The School offers Exchange Sponsorship to support students go for exchange studies, click here for details. Students could obtain more information at International Office website.

Sharing of Students

Creativity and Innovation Fund

Communication students are well known for their originality and creativity. To help make their brightest ideas become reality, the School launched the Creativity and Innovation Fund in 2016. So far, the School has awarded over $2.2 million to around 50 projects ranging from film productions, mobile apps, visual installations and campaigns for the promotion of local culture. The projects are supported by HKBU Strategic Development Fund.

Student Video and Animation Showcase

Application Form

List of Awarded Projects

Budget Reference for Film Project

Student Workshops

  • 新報人
  • The Young Agency
  • The Young Reporter Magazine

Student Society

There is also the lively School-wide student Communication Society, which organizes such extra-curricular activities as study tours, academic week and social functions. They also run the CommonSense, an online platform to showcase the creativity and ideas of students.

Students perform well and each year some are offered scholarships and some win awards in local/international competitions in design, essay writing, film or video shooting and so on.

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