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Frequently Asked Questions

Abstract Submission

Q: Can I send my abstract via email?
A: You should upload your abstract through the according website together with filling the web form. It is the only way your abstract to be taken into consideration.

Q: I am unable to attend the conference. Can I still submit my abstract for publication in the conference proceedings?
A: If you know for definite that it will be impossible for your material to be presented at the conference by yourself or a co-author/colleague, please DO NOT make a submission. Submitting an abstract commits at least one author of any accepted submission to register for the conference, attend and present the research in person.

Q: I have submitted my abstract but have not received confirmation, what should I do?
A: Most importantly, please do not resubmit the web-form or re-upload your abstract at this stage! There may be a number of reasons why you have not received your receipt, e.g. an email delay, an error in your email address filled on the form, or the spam filter of your email setting.
We try to send a confirmation within three working days after your abstract submission. Please contact us if you do not get any confirmation email three working days after submission. In case of technical issues, early submission is highly recommended.

Q: I have submitted my abstract but now I realize that it contained a mistake and I need to revise it. Should I submit the abstract again online?
A: No, please do not resubmit your abstract online, as this will result in a duplication. Please click on the Edit Submission Link shown on the submission completion page. Please do save the link on your own. All Edits/Withdrawals will not be accepted after the submission deadline. For any technical problems, please contact the Conference Office at prsc_prad@hkbu.edu.hk.

Evaluation & Results

Q: How are the abstracts evaluated?
A: Abstracts are evaluated and selected according to double-blind peer reviews by the program committee of the conference and scholars specialized in this field.

Q: When will I receive a response?
A: The Abstract Acceptance Result will be announced on 14 September 2016, whether or not your abstract is accepted. You will be informed by e-mail and accepted abstracts will be classified by research topics.

Q: How can I submit my full paper?
A: Details of the full paper submission guideline will be announced in Mid-October. Please visit Paper Submission for details then.

Q: What happens if I could not finish my full paper on time? If I send my full paper after the conference can it be included in the proceedings?
A: You should have sent your full paper until the deadline. If you cannot finish your full paper on time, only your abstract will be included in the conference programs.

Q: I realized that I made mistake in my full paper after the deadline?
A: You should send the 'last version' of your full paper until the deadline. After the deadline, we do not accept any updates.


Q: When should I register?
A: Please register as soon as you know that your attendance is definite after receiving the acceptance notification for your abstract. The Early Bird registration is strongly encouraged which will allow the conference organization team to send you all the relevant documentation in good time before the conference, and your accommodation in recommended hotels will be guaranteed. However, if your attendance is not definite - i.e. you do not yet have your funding or entry visa finalized, please do not register yet.

Q: When is the deadline for registration?
A: The Early Bird registration deadline presenters can be seen on the Registration-Detial page. There is no definite deadline for regular registration, but accommodation in recommended hotels will not be guaranteed.
If your abstract is accepted but you do not register by deadline or have not sent us any special requests for onsite registration, your material will be automatically excluded from the final conference program. .

Q: It is very near to the conference, can I still register?
A: Yes. There is no definite deadline for regular registration online, but accommodation in recommended hotels will not be guaranteed if it is very near to the conference dates. Onsite registration is not encouraged unless you have sent us special requests early before the conference.

Q: I cannot or do not prefer to pay online. How can I pay for my registration?
A: You are suggested to pay for registration by specific method according to your country/region. For participants from Mainland China, you should pay via Alipay. For participants from Hong Kong and other regions except Mainland China, you can settle your registration fee by cheque / bank draft, or making a telegraphic transfer (TT), details of the payment method are also attached in the registration form (pdf.). Please learn carefully on the payment method details on the Registration Form page

Q: When do I need to pay my registration fee?
A: You are suggested to pay your registration online through the Payment Gateway right after you fill in the registration web form. For cheque, bank draft or telegraphic transfer (TT), you must pay the full amount within one week after your registration online. Supporting documents are required to send to the Conference Office by email.
For Early Bird registration, your registration fee must be fully settled by the according deadline. Please also be reminded that your registration will be cancelled if we cannot receive your full payment one week after your registration online. For special onsite registration, registration fee should be paid onsite in cash of the specified currency. As there will be delay for the banking system and documents delivery, you are strongly suggested to settle the payment early.

Q: How can I receive an invoice or payment confirmation for the registration?
A: You will receive an email confirmation on your registration soon after we have received your full payment and supporting documents. It will take approximately one week for us to confirm your payment. For all attendants who have registered successfully before the conference, a hardcopy invoice will be provided on the check-in date of the conference at the venue.

Q: My paper has more than one author. Shall we all fill in the registration form and pay the regular registration fee of the related category?
A: Yes. Registration is on an individual basis.

Q: Can I bring a companion with me to the conference?
A: People who are not registered can attend the conference as audience but they cannot have the conference materials or conference lunch.
Extra accommodation in the recommended hotels will not be guaranteed for the companions of registered conference attendees.


Q: I am not yet sure if I can definitely attend the conference. Is it okay for me to register now and then cancel later, or just not turn up at the conference?
A: No, if you are not sure that you can attend, do not register. As from the moment that you submit registration form, a seat at the conference is reserved for you.

Q: I have to cancel my place at the conference. Can a colleague attend in my place?
A: This is usually not a problem. Please inform the Conference Office two weeks prior to the conference by emailing of your details, plus the contact details of the person who will be attending in your place to the Conference Office Email. A substitution can then be made, and no extra charge or cancellation penalty is incurred.

Q: I must cancel my place at the conference. What shall I do and can I get the registration fee refund?
A: Just after you have informed the Conference Office, we will cancel your order. Please inform the Conference Office two weeks prior to the conference by emailing of your details to the Conference Office Email. However, the registration fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances. We strongly recommend that you verify your availability before proceeding to the registration.