Hong Kong Baptist University      School of Communication 


Registration is required for all presenters and participants of the conference.
Please pay for the registration fee ONLY AFTER you completed the registration form.

For participants from Hong Kong and other countries/regions except mainland China

Fillable registration form is available below. Please download, fill out using Adobe, save as a new file and print. Please turn in the filled form through email or mail to the conference correspondent address together with your payment materials.

  • Payment by Cheque or Bank Draft (Payment currency in HKD)
        Payable to “Hong Kong Baptist University”

        1.    At the back of the cheque or bank draft, please write
               “PRSC&PRAD2016 + [your Full Name] + [Abstract Ref No. (if any)]” and your e-mail address.
        2.    Mail the Cheque / Bank Draft together with the registration form (in A4 size) to the Conference office at the address
               stated at the bottom of this form.
        3.    In case of delayed delivery, you are suggested to e-mail (to prsc_prad@hkbu.edu.hk) the scanned image (in PDF)
               of the above materials before the mailing.

  • Payment by Telegraphic Transfer (Payment currency in HKD)

    Name of Bank: Hang Seng Bank Limited (恆生銀行)
    Bank Address: Baptist University Branch, 224 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Account Name: Hong Kong Baptist University
    Swift Code: HASEHKHH
    Account no: 024-283-338366-001 (HKD)
    Payment Details: PRSC&PRAD2016 + [your Full Name] + [Abstract Ref No. (if any)]

        1.    Please indicate the payable remarks “PRSC&PRAD2016” with [your full name] and [abstract ref no. (if any)] on
               your receipt.
        2.    E-mail the scanned image (in PDF) of the receipt together with this registration form to the Conference e-mail
        3.    Verification of true copy of receipt at the registration counter may be necessary.

Postal Address ( for cheque / bank draft / copy of receipt, if any):

General Office, School of Communication
10/F, Communication and Visual Arts Building
5 Hereford Road, Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
(Attn: PRSC&PRAD Conference Office)

An official receipt will be provided during the Conference.
Please contact prsc_prad@hkbu.edu.hk if you encounter any problem during the online registration and payment.

For participants from mainland China only

Online registration is available below, please fill out the form online at:

  • Payment by Alipay (Payment currency in RMB)
        Account No.: 18507130066
        Account name: 陈欧阳

        1.    Please indicate the remarks “PRSC会务费” with [your full name], [Affiliated Institution], [abstract ref no (if any)]
               with your payment.
        2.    Remember to screen capture your instant payment receipt for further verification.
        3.    An official receipt will be provided during the Conference.

* Please be noted that the registration fee paid via Alipay will be in RMB as below: Early bird student-700rmb (800hkd), Early bird Nonstudent -870rmb (1,000hkd), Regular student-870rmb (1,000hkd), Regular nonstudent-1,045rmb (1,200hkd).

Cancellation Policy: The registration fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances. We strongly recommend that you verify your availability before proceeding to the registration.