Pioneers in Communication Education

The School of Communication organised its first Pioneers in Communication Education award in 2008 to honour veteran communication educators for their outstanding achievements in education.

Professor Timothy Yu

Professor Timothy Yu was the Founding Head of the Department of Communication at the then Hong Kong Baptist College in 1968. He was the scholar who named the subject “Communication” as “傳理” in Chinese. Professor Yu is honoured as "Father of the Communication Department".

Ceremony for the Establishment of the Timothy Yu Communication Education Fund

Ceremony Video (Full)

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Mr. Raymond Wong

Mr Raymond Wong has devoted five decades to the media industry and media education and is known as the "Godfather of the Hong Kong Media". He was Head of the Department of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist College in the 1970's and Principal Lecturer of the School of Communication in the early 1990's. He received the Honorary University Fellowship from HKBU in recognition of his achievement in journalism and his contribution to communication education in 2008.

Mr. Chang Kuo-sin

Multi-faceted in his skill, regardless of the arena of communication he applied himself to, all of Mr. Chang-Kuo-sin’s contributions to the community were marked by his absolute devotion to integrity. From 1978 to 1985, as Head of the Department of Communication of the Hong Kong Baptist College, he originated and championed the idea that “Truth is Virtue”. Subsequently adopted by the School of Communication – the successor to the Department – as its motto, the phrase still retains its power to inspire.

Chang Kuo-sin memorial webpage

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