The media has always played a vital role in our society. For the past 40 years, the School of Communication has nurtured over 7,000 communication professionals under our motto "Truth is Virtue" and the leadership of our Deans and Heads. As we expanded from a Department into a School, from providing three majors in the beginning – Journalism, Radio-Television and Public Relations – to founding the Department of Journalism, Department of Communication Studies, and Academy of Film, our achievements have been remarkable. The School of Communication is the cradle for local communication elites, and a destination of choice for further studies by students from Greater China.

1970 - 1979

Nurturing All-rounded Achievers

The Department of Communication provided practical opportunities for students by establishing the first closed-circuit, campus-based TV Broadcasting channel in South-east Asia. Numerous college facilities were added with a wide range of workshops and activities organized to provide a comprehensive learning environment for students.


  • Mr. Chang Kuo-sin, the 3rd Head of the Department (third from left).


  • "The Young Broadcaster" (TYB), an experimental campus broadcasting station was established under the TV and Broadcasting Programme. It was the first closed-circuit, campus-based TV Broadcasting channel in South-east Asia. "The Young Broadcaster" offered one-hour of programming per day. The picture shows the Commissioner at the ICAC (second from left) officiating of the Inauguration Ceremony for TYB.

  • ,
    Mr. Raymond Wong, the 2nd head of the Department, and The Young Reporter's editing team


  • Dr. Lyle M. Nelson, Chairman of the Department of Communication, Stanford University, visited Hong Kong Baptist College and gave a lecture to Communication students about the latest trends in communication education in the US.

  • "The Young Agency" (TYA) of the Public Relations major founded.

  • A reporter's pass of The Young Reporter.


  • Promotion materials of the Department of Communication.

  • Communication students setting up a booth for the Academic Week.

  • Communication Orientation Camp in Wu Kai Sha in 1972.


  • Radio-Television option's students learned to operate different equipment in a range of practical activities.

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