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The School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University was originally founded in 1968. It provides a comprehensive range of programmes in communication available in Hong Kong at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Within the four-year undergraduate curriculum for the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) Programmme, the School offers three choices of major to follow the General Education and core communications courses. These majors include:

Film: Offers two Concentrations - Animation and Media Arts Concentration, Film and Television Concentration.

Journalism: Within this major, there are four concentrations: Chinese Journalism, Data and Media Communication, Financial Journalism and International Journalism.

Public Relations and Advertising: Offers three Concentrations - Advertising and Branding Concentration, Organizational Communication Concentration and Public Relations Concentration

The School also runs self-funded undergraduate programmes and higher diploma programmes. At the postgraduate level, the range of options includes master’s in Communication, Film, Television and Digital Media, Producing for Film, Television and New Media, International Journalism, Media Management and research degrees (MPhil and Ph.D).

The School has established a number of research institutes and centres to fuel excellence in a range of focus areas and to cultivate interdisciplinary research.

Housed in a purpose-built building, the School has an efficient allocation of teaching resources as well as access to the latest equipment. The AI Media Research Laboratory and VR & AR Workroom will be in use in the academic year of 2018-2019, and will greatly benefit faculty and students in their research and creative work.

The School maintains close connections with Hong Kong's media and creative industries. Given its long history and influence, it is not surprising that many of the most senior positions in these industries are occupied by its alumni with outstanding accomplishments. These relationships established a strong reputation for the School, as well as being a fountain of knowledge for current students to acquire expertise and offering networking opportunities for alumni.

The Alumni Sharing Forum, featuring distinguished film directors, screenwriters and creative directors who graduated from the School, the Global Chinese University Student Film and TV Festival and the Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop, Master Class and Research Seminars are all examples of events organised by the School to foster relationships with academia and the industries in which its current students will work in the future.

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