HKBU School of Communication 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book: Sharing of Precious Moments

2018 marks the Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication’s 50th anniversary. In celebration of this special event, we are creating a 50th anniversary commemorative book that every HKBU Communication buddy would treasure for a lifetime. Your participation in the commemorative book is vital to us.

You are cordially invited to take part in this historic initiative. In the commemorative book, Comm Buddies, we will have a special section, tentatively named “HKBU Moments” that features unique events or precious moments you experienced in the School of Communication. Please share your fond memories with us, including any interesting, touching, exciting or bittersweet stories in the School for the 50th anniversary commemorative book. So that all Communication buddies can experience a taste of the School’s past together. The collected stories will also be in “COMM2gether”, our first digital database for HKBU communication education, enabling students and the public to know more about our HKBU Communication buddies.

We sincerely invite you to share your stories with us. For submission, please include the following points and send your photo(s) (in JPEG format with file size > 1MB) to us via e-mail at and also note the guidelines specified below.

  1. Your unique events / precious moments in the School of Communication
    (50-100 words/ Either Chinese or English is acceptable)
  2. Photo description
    (Please indicate your position in the photo / No limit for the number of words / Either Chinese or English is acceptable)
  3. Name/Graduation Year/Programme/ Student Number/Email address/Mobile number

I wish / do not wish to be interviewed by students of the School of Communication and share my story.
(*Please indicate whether or not you wish to be interviewed by students of the School of Communication and share your story.)


  1. The subject matter of the photos must be suitable for publication in the University publication(s) and must be appropriate for viewing by the general public. The School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University (the University) retains the right to determine what will constitute inappropriate content, in which publication(s) and when the images will be published.
  2. Only photos that meet the above criteria as judged by the Editorial Board will be displayed in the publication(s). Publication staff reserves the right to edit the captions or enhance the description of the image.
  3. If the photo is of a person or persons, please affirm that the person(s) photographed has (have) given permission for the photo to be displayed in the University publication(s), and no fee or any other form of compensation will be incurred in this respect.
  4. In case of discrepancies between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

Thank you for your kind attention and support!