Updated: 11 December 2020

Academy of Film alumni shine at international film festivals

Alumnus Kargo Chen, a 2019 graduate of the Academy of Film (AF), garnered eight awards with his honours project Chen Chen at eight international and local film festivals. The awards include Best International Short Film at the San Diego International Film Festival in the US; Best Student Director at the Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market in Japan; and Best Narrative Short Film at the New Era Film Festival in Mainland China.


Chen Chen is about the relationship between two brothers with one of them suffering from cerebral palsy. The film earlier won the HKBU Academy of Film’s Choice at the Global University Film Awards 2020 held by the AF.


Another 2019 graduate, Wong Wing–fung, received the Best Director award at the Asian Short Film Competition in the Shanghai Queer Film Festival with his work I Love You, Sorry, Thank You, Please Forgive Me.


In addition, the screenplay Consanguinity co-written by fresh graduates Tsang Kai-ming and Lai Yan-yi, was a finalist in the online movie category of the Asian “Best” Film & TV - ATF Chinese Pitch in Singapore.


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Film still of Chen Chen

Film still of I Love You, Sorry, Thank You, Please Forgive Me



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