Updated: 30 December 2020

Professor Kara Chan receives HKBU General Education Teaching Award

Professor Kara Chan has been honored with the HKBU General Education Teaching Award (Individual) AY2020/21.  General Education at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Professor Chan has been engaged in the GE Programme since 2013 by teaching the interdisciplinary course GDBU/GDSS1867 Children as consumers: Marketing to the Youth (Distribution Requirements in Business and Social Sciences), a course which aims to introduce the different perspectives and interest among various stakeholders regarding marketing communication to children and youth.

The Selection Panel commended that Professor Chan incorporated various interactive pedagogies such as blended learning activities, real-life and course-based research projects, which highly engaged students in active learning. The Selection Panel was pleased to see the positive feedback from students as well as the impact on them as evidenced by Professor Chan.
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