Updated: 18 May 2020

Journalism students receive Human Rights Press Award

Three students from the Department of Journalism have won a prestigious Human Rights Press Award in the Student Writing (English) category at the 24th Human Rights Press Awards. Merit awards were also given to three other students for their excellent reporting.


The top prize went to a team comprising Year 3 Journalism students Kwok Hiu-ching, Randy Lin and Wong Ting-yan, who are all from the Data and Media Communication Concentration. The winning piece was a data-driven news story titled “Gender-based violence against journalists in Hong Kong”. By applying data analysis, coding, website production and news writing techniques, they successfully visualised the “boring” data and turned it into a meaningful, in-depth news story.


Dr Rose Luqiu, Associate Head and Assistant Professor of the Department of Journalism, was glad to see her students pick this important, timely and unexplored news topic. She believes that the use of data is a good way to strengthen news content which in turn helps journalists play a better gatekeeping role in society.


The two merit prizes were awarded for the news report “Social Workers Hopeful Looking at the Future of Ethnic Minorities”, which was written by International Journalism students Yanni Chow and King Woo, and a news story titled “In a Leaderless Movement, Hong Kong’s Student Activists Face Local and International Threats”, which was written by Yanni Chow and her classmate Anna Kam.

Journalism students win the Human Rights Press Award in the Student Writing (English) category at the 24th Human Rights Press Awards for their data journalism story on gender-based violence.



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