Updated: 2 January 2019

Communication students win merit prize at prestigious advertising award

School of Communication Integrated Communication Management Year 4 students Chan Kwan-yin, Lai Man-kwan, Li Sze-wing, Yan Hau-chi, Ho Sze-hang and Li Sau-wun formed two teams and won the merit prize in the Student Division of the Kam Fan Awards 2018 organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong.

The first team’s work, “Dear Yourself, Love Mirror”, focused on the concept of a mirror. Through Mirror Meditation, the team hoped to propose the simplest way for people to face and relieve their stress, helping them to work out their problems and even the solutions, thus improving themselves.

The second team used the concept of a maze in its work “Mindfulness In Your Maze”. In life, frustrations and confusion can often make people lose their sense of direction. With its slogan, “Zone out and find your exit”, the team intended to encourage people to slow down and take care of their psychological needs.


Dr Maggie Fung (third from right), Programme Director of the Integrated Communication Management programme, congratulates the awardees



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