Updated: 17 Oct 2017

Academy of Film graduate short film selected for international film festival

The Dinner, a graduation short film project directed by Chan Tin-long (2017 graduate of Academy of Film’s Professional Programme in Film), has been selected for screening at the “Children’s World” (Non-competitive Section) of the 20th International Children’s Film Festival India (ICFFI) in November 2017.

The Dinner tells the story of Yin, a boy growing up in a single-parent family. Yin’s mother spends most of her time at work to earn a living so the two of them barely meet. Yin wishes to dine with his mother so much that he tries any means to do so, such as pretending to be sick, leaving school early, preparing dinner, and so on.

“The film is inspired by something my parents said”, Tin-long explained, “When I was a child, my parents always told me that there was nothing more important than a reunion for a family dinner.” However, Tin-long soon realised that it was very difficult for all family members to get together at dinner because of demanding work schedules. He said, “If working is to provide better livelihood for one’s family, then what is being sacrificed if one is too busy at work? Do family members really prefer to live wealthy lives rather than spending more time with each other?” In making this film, Tin-long hopes the audience could reflect on prioritising family over work.

ICFFI, which is held biennially in Hyderabad, India, strives to bring the most delightful and imaginative children’s films to young local audiences.

The Dinner is about a story of a child trying any means to have dinner with his mother.



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