Updated: 17 May 2017

Eight journalism graduates scoop 12 prizes in Hong Kong News Awards 2016

The Goddess and Fearless Neighbours, movies created by Dr Sobel Chan, Senior Lecturer of the Academy of Film of the School of Communication, have been selected respectively for the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum 2017 (HAF 2017) and the Cannes Film Festival.

HAF is one of the leading film project markets in Asia, with around 25 to 30 films selected annually for the three-day event. The occasion enables film makers to explore opportunities for collaboration with top film financiers, producers, bankers, distributors and buyers from around the world.

Dr Chan said that The Goddess, which he directed and wrote, is the modern remake of the Chinese classic silent film The Goddess. The new version, which is in the crime film genre and set in contemporary Hong Kong, explores the mother-daughter relationship and the identity of Mainland immigrants in Hong Kong. The film has been highly praised and commented on by the English channel of China Central Television, Movie View and Screen, among others. With this recognition, Dr Chan has built up a close cooperation and exchange relationship with film investors, distributors, film festival programmers and film industry leaders around the world.

Fearless Neighbours is a crime comedy about passports being lost in an industrial building of Hong Kong, triggering a conflict between a policeman, a masseuse, and teenagers. The film has been invited to join the short film category of this year’s Cannes Film Festival (Festival De Cannes 2017).

As a HKBU alumnus, Dr Chan hopes that through his movie-making projects he can not only strengthen his teaching of film education and research into movie culture and aesthetics, but also contribute to his alma mater and to students..

Dr Sobel Chan’s films are recognised by international platforms


Dr Sobel Chan (left) is encouraged by Mr Gregory So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong (right), and Mr Wellington Fung, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Film Development Council (centre), at HAF 2017



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