Updated: 09 April 2017

Academy of Film Steve Chan’s film wins two awards at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards

Weeds on Fire, the debut feature film by Steve Chan, a graduate of Academy of Film of School of Communication, won the awards of the Best New Performer (Wu Tsz Tung Tony) and the Best Original Film Song (Anthem of Shatin Martins) at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards. Congratulations!

The film, co-written by Steve and another AF alumnus Nihat Wong,earned eight nominations in multiple categories of the Awards, including Best Film, Best New Director, Best New Performer(two nominations), Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Original Film Score and Best Original Film Song.


Steve Chan (forth from right) and his film production crew of “Weeds on Fire” attended a special university premiere preview in HKBU last year.



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