HKBU-UQ Double Degree Programme


This is a four-year full-time undergraduate programme whereby students study at the two universities, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and The University of Queensland (UQ), and graduate from both. On completing the programme requirements, students will obtain two bachelor’s degrees, namely Bachelor of Communication (Honours) conferred by HKBU, and Bachelor of Journalism or Bachelor of Communication conferred by UQ.

About UQ

  • one of the world’s top universities with good academic reputation;
  • ranked 50th in the 2023 QS World University Rankings;
  • diverse, supportive and inclusive campus community that creates a welcoming environment for international students.


Students are required to study for a total of 4 years, 2.5 years at HKBU and 1.5 years at UQ. HKBU students will spend the first three semesters at HKBU, followed by three semesters at UQ and then another two to three semesters at HKBU.

Areas of Study

The corresponding programmes are as follows:

HKBU School of Communication UQ Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Journalism and Digital Media Major Bachelor of Journalism
Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Public Relations & Advertising Major Bachelor of Communication

Programme Structure

The proposed double degree programme combines the essence of the existing undergraduate programmes of HKBU and UQ, with the aim to equip students with communication and broad general knowledge, ethical expertise, multimedia, analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for students to adapt and thrive in a changing global environment.

In order to fulfil the graduation requirements of respective programmes, students are required to complete 128 units at HKBU and 48 units at UQ respectively. For the double degree programme, the minimum number of units to be taken at each of the two universities during the 4-year study period is at least half of the total number of units required by the respective programmes, i.e., 64 units at HKBU and 24 units at UQ. The remaining units required for graduation will be fulfilled through transfer of units or course exemption by completing equivalent courses in the other institution.


  • Year One students of Journalism and Digital Media Major & Public Relations and Advertising Major.
  • Attain cGPA 3.2 or above for three consecutive semesters (Year 1, Sem 1 & 2, Year 2, Sem 1)
  • Good command of English (overall score of 6.5 and at least 6.0 in each sub-band in IELTS; HKDSE English subject Level 4 or above; or acceptable scores in equivalent tests)

Quota: 2

(two students will be selected by the interview panel.)

Indicative expenses

UQ budget details total for completing the programm
Tuition fee (local students) HKD21,050 x 3 semesters (Local students) HKD63,150
Tuition Fee (Non-local students) AUD18,000 x 3 semesters (Non Local students) AUD54,000
Student visa AUD650
Overseas Students Health Cover AUD1000
Rent & living (monthly AUD1620-3755) x 18 months AUD28,980 - AUD67,590
IELTS (Optional) HKD2,380

Tuition Fees and Financial Support (Subject to Change)

LOCAL students HKD
BU pay UQ tuition fee per semester around AUD18,000, @5.4 97,200
Local students pay BU tuition fee per semester (21,050)
The sponsorship renewal condition is UQ term GPA4.7 or above. The full mark is 7.0. The total sponsorship for completing the programme: 76,150 x 3 semesters 228,450
NON-LOCAL students will pay UQ tuition fee 100% out of their pocket (AY2024-25)
The School offers One-off travel subsidies (HKD8,000, subject to change) to both Local and Non-local students

Financial Proof

As the School is student’s financial guarantor to UQ, students need to provide financial proof (around HKD300,000). This is to ensure students have sufficient funds to cover their total cost at UQ and complete the program.

Application and Important Dates

Mid March Programme Briefing
Late March Application Close
Mid April Selection Interview
End of May Release of Year 1, Sem 2 GPA result
Early June Release of School’s nomination result


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