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Consultancy Team

Dr. SONG, Celine Yunya (Director of the Lab) 

Dr. FUNG, Timothy K. F. (Associate Director of the Lab) 

Dr. Zhang, Nick Yin (Associate Director of the Lab)

Journalism Studies

Prof. GUO, Steve Z. S.
Prof. LEE, Alice Y. L.
Dr. NG, Yu Leung
Dr. WANG, Vincent Xiaohui
Dr. WONG, Tin Chi
Dr. ZHANG, Xinzhi

Communication and Advertising Studies

Dr. CHANG, Leanne
Prof. CHEN Ling
Prof. HUNG, Kineta H. K.
Dr. MAK, Angela
Dr. SHEER, Vivian
Dr. SHI, Jolie Jingyuan
Prof. XIAO, Xiao-Sui

Film and TV Studies

Dr. NG, Kenny K. K.
Prof. MAN, Shu Sum
Prof. ZHU, Ying

School of Communication

Prof. HUANG Yu
Prof. CHAN, Kara K. W.
Prof. GEORGE, Cherian


Mr. WANG Minghao


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