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Updated: 5 December 2017

Renowned educator and scriptwriter explore at master class how art inspires youth

The Academy of Film of the School of Communication and ART IS LOVE campaign co-organised the seminar “Empowerment through Art: Dare to Open the Door to Self-discovery and Become an Inspiration to Others”. Dr Hayley Kan, convener of ART IS LOVE campaign, and Mr Yau Nai-hoi, renowned scriptwriter were invited to share their art experiences to inspire the younger generation.

Dr Kan shared her insight into art and creativity: “There is a saying which inspires me, ‘Art is creativity, creativity is passion, passion is love’. Art involves creativity and creativity needs passion. To have passion, one must be illuminated by love. Art is a valuable medium for one to show love and be an inspiration to others.”

Expanding on Dr Kan’s view on inspiration, Mr Yau pointed out two influential elements in his creative process. He said, “I always remind myself of two things—awareness and contemplation. As a creator, one should be highly aware of one’s own emotion and behaviour. With such awareness, one will be able to contemplate one’s thoughts. Contemplation and reflection are part of a continuous process through which new ideas arise.”

Both Dr Kan and Mr Yau agreed that art facilitates discovery, which brings wider possibilities and more positive energy to one another.

Dr Hayley Kan (centre) and Mr Yau Nai-hoi (right) share their art experiences to inspire the younger generation.

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