For 2015 and previous intakes:

Film and Media Arts Journalism Organizational Communication Public Relations and


For 2016 intake onwards:

Film Journalism Public Relations and

Majors/Concentrations Allocation


The School of Communication has adopted a broad-based admission policy for its Bachelor in Communication (Honours) programme. Students will opt for the following Majors and Concentrations offered by its three Academy/Departments in Year 1 and Year 2 respectively:


Academy of film

Film Major
  • Animation and Media Arts Concentration (Starting from academic year 2017-18, the Animation and Media Arts Concentration will adopt the programme-based admission and there will be no Majors/Concentrations allocation for the Animation and Media Arts students.)
  • Film and Television Concentration


Department of Journalism

Journalism Major
  • Chinese Journalism Concentration (including Broadcast Journalism Stream)
  • Data and Media Communication Concentration(to be offered in academic year 2018-19)
  • Financial Journalism Concentration
  • International Journalism Concentration


Department of Communication Studies

Public Relations and Advertising Major
  • Advertising and Branding Concentration
  • Organizational Communication Concentration
  • Public Relations Concentration


The School aims to assign as many students as possible to their most preferred Majors, as long as there are sufficient numbers of places and adequate resources to ensure quality teaching and learning. To that end, establishing a fair and transparent Major assignment scheme is essential. The School believes that a fair assignment scheme should provide equal opportunities for all students to enroll in a Major that matches their abilities and aspirations. The assignment should be made on the basis of a holistic assessment of students’ assignment criteria.


Guiding Principles of Assignment Scheme

  1. The assignment criteria should be fair and transparent.
  2. Students’ preferences will be met as far as possible in the assignment of programmes.
  3. Diversity should be a relevant factor in the assignment process to ensure each programme has a flexible and balanced assignment of students.
  4. Quantifiable measures should be used as the primary assignment criteria to ensure the objectivity of the assignment process.
  5. The assignment process should ensure equal opportunities for all students to enroll in their preferred programmes.


Major Assignment Scheme


Concentration Assignment Scheme