Academy of Film Reunion Dinner    23 January, 2018

As the School of Communication entered into its 50th anniversary, the Academy of Film held its reunion dinner on 23rd January,
to kick off for the series of celebratory events throughout the year.
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The officiating guests of the Academy of Film reunion dinner, Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Development Council, Mr. Ma Fung-kwok, SBS, JP (middle), Chairman of the HKBU Council and the Court Mr Cheng Yan-kee (second from left), President Professor Roland Chin (second from right), Dean of the School of Communication Professor Huang Yu (left), and Director and Chair Professor of the Academy of Film Eva Man (right) host the kick-off ceremony.

More than 250 faculty, students, alumni, staff and friends from the film industry join the reunion dinner, creating a lively atmosphere.

Alumnus Keanu Ho’s magic show wins the audience’s big round of applause.

Students and alumni showcase their talents in a variety of performances.

Alumnus Ching Yan Fu (third from left) performs in a comedy, along with alumnus Steve Chan (right), director of the movie Weeds on Fire, and renowned actor and Academy of Film lecturer Liu Kai Chi (middle) who guest-star on the show.

Dr. Robert J. Ellis-Geiger who teaches film sound and mixing improvises in playing and singing classic English songs.

Faculty and alumni from different generations seize the opportunity to take photos together.

    2018 Celebratory Events Preview

  • “Watch Great Movies” screening series on Wednesday nights
  • March 2018 - “Film Tells: Hong Kong” topical film screening series
  • June 2018 - International Conference: Documentary Film, Regional, Theoretical and Political Parameters
  • Nov 2018 - Global University Student Film and Television Festival

    The School of Communication 50th Anniversary Celebration Special Events

  • The “Distinguished Communication Alumni Award” is now open for nominations. The Award will be presented during the Gala Dinner on 30th November.
  • The rooftop of the Communication and Visual Arts (CVA) Building will turn into a rooftop garden which will serve as an outdoor classroom.
  • The School of Communication is currently constructing the AI Media Research Laboratory and the VR & AR Workroom, expected to be in use in the new school year of 2018-2019.

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