Admitting Taught-Master’s Degree Holders to MPhil Program Scheme

Academic Criteria for Admission

The following are the minimal criteria only, which are consistent with and/or additional to the University admission requirements for research postgraduate students. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee admission.

  • Credentials documenting prerequisite academic work that gives evidence of ability to pursue a graduate program in your chosen area.

  • An earned baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university prior to beginning graduate studies.

  • An earned cumulative grade-point average (GPA) equivalent to at least 3.5 out of 4.0 in all previous MA-level coursework and no lower than B+ of any required courses listed below.

1st semester

I. COMM7020 Approaches & Methods in Communication Research; or
JOUR7300 Approaches and Methods in Communication Research (for MAIJS students)

2nd semester

II. COMM7880 Advanced Quantitative Communication Research Methods; or
JOUR7310 Advanced Quantitative Communication Research Methods (for MAIJS students); or
COMM7780 Big Data Analytics for Media and Communication
III. COMM7890 Communication Research Thesis; or
JOUR7320 Communication Research Thesis (for MAIJS students); or
AIDM7460 Digital Media Research Project (for AIDM students)


1st semester or 2nd semester

IV. Any ONE course from the list below
COMM7060 Issues in Corporate Communication
COMM7160 Organizational Communication
COMM7560 Political Communication and Public Opinion
COMM7630 Qualitative Research Methods
COMM7650 Introduction to Social Science Theories
COMM7780 Big Data Analytics for Media and Communication
COMM7830 Media Communications and Psychology
JOUR7070 Theories of Journalism and Communication
*MPhil Course Waiver: After a Master’s student is admitted to the MPhil program, some courses (e.g. COMD7020 Research Methods) may be waived if the student has taken similar courses listed above. The total credit units required of an MPhil student remain the same. Waived credits can be used for electives or courses in an exchange program where applicable.
  • Academic research ability evidenced in relevant research experience*/achievement for PhD applications.

*The evidence of research potential, such as publication and student work including refereed paper at a major relevant conference, peer review journal and creative works at important festivals, exhibitions or research project thesis, etc.

The School may consider applicants at GPA 3.7/4 or above demonstrating excellence in academic research ability for direct entry of the PhD program.

Application Procedures

Applications are considered for admissions at least once a year, depending upon the vacancies available in the School.

Applying for the MPhil Program in the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University is a two-step process. The Office of Graduate School is responsible for collecting applications, establishing files, and forwarding copies of application materials to the Postgraduate Studies Committee in the School of Communication. The School's Postgraduate Studies Committee evaluates applications and makes admission recommendations. Application files will not be reviewed until all required documents are received.

A complete application should include:

a) Completed Application Form
b) Photocopies of original certificate(s)/transcripts of all previous college and/or university work (Official transcript should be arranged to be sent directly from the College and/or university concerned to the University (non-returnable) bearing all academic records of the applicant’s undergraduate and/or postgraduate studies to date upon receipt of the admission offer.)
c) A 2,000 word “Statement of Purpose and Goals” outlining the applicant’s academic interests.
d) Research proposal
e) A sample publication/research paper authored by the applicant (if any).
f) At least two letters of reference

Preparation Guide

Online Application

Applications should be submitted to the Online Application System.

*Please mark “Taught-Master’s Degree Holders to MPhil Program Scheme” in the application form and inform Ms. Eve Cheung of the School about the application for further arrangement.

Application Deadline

April 15

*All required documents must be submitted to the Office of Graduate School by this date.

Admission Procedures

The Postgraduate Studies Committee in the School of Communication is responsible for reviewing research postgraduate applications. Shortly after the deadlines for application, the Postgraduate Studies Committee will follow a standardized screening procedure for making admission decisions. All application materials will be made available to faculty members in the School prior to the Committee’s reviewing process. Input from the faculty will be solicited and taken into consideration.

At the meeting, the committee will arrive at an initial shortlist of qualified candidates. Short-listing decisions are based on credentials of applicants, available vacancies, proposed research areas, as well as advisor availability.

The Postgraduate Studies Committee will arrange interviews with top applicants on the shortlist. Based on the information from the interviews and earlier deliberation, the Research Postgraduate Studies Committee will make the admission decision for recommendation to the School and the University for action. A waitlist may be created to include top candidates in rank order besides those who have been selected for offering admissions.

Visit the Graduate School website for related information.

Contact the Graduate School for any enquiries about the admission procedure.