Full Time Teaching Staff

Dr. WANG Yue Bess
Programme Director & Senior Lecturer

: 3411 3270
: kenbess2000@hkbu.edu.hk

Dr. Bess Wang earned her Ph.D. in Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interest includes the transforming cultural community of journalists and journalistic practices. She teaches courses on communication theory, communication and globalization, data analysis and data visualization.


Course Taught
  • Communication Theory
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Data Literacy in Media and Communication / Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Gender and Communication
  • Globalization and Social Change
  • Media and Social Communication Honours Project I/II
Research Areas
  • Journalistic community and authority
  • Media practices
  • Journalism in China
  • Data journalism and professional transformation
Selected Publications or Creative Works of the Last 3 Years

Book Chapter

Wang, Y. B. & Wong, T. C. (2018) “The Landscape of Newspapers in Hong Kong” in Y. Huang & Sung, Y. Y. (ed.) The Evolving Landscape of Media and Communications in Hong Kong, p.13-30. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press

Journal Articles

Wong, T. C., Huang, Y., Cheung, M. F., & Wang, Y. B. (2021). “The change of journalistic field in a context of technological change – The case of breaking news in Hong Kong”, Communication & Society. (in Chinese)

Wang, Y. B., Lee, F. L., & Wang, H. (2013). Technological Practices, News Production Processes and Journalistic Witnessing: Hong Kong journalists in the 2011 Japan earthquake. Journalism Studies, 14(4), 491-506.

Wang, H., Lee, F. L., & Wang, Y. B. (2013). Foreign News as Marketable Power Display: Reporting Foreign Disasters by the Chinese Local Media. International Journal of Communication, 7, 19.

王悅、李立峯(2014)。〈記者心中的角色模範及其影響初探:香港個案研究〉,《新聞學研究》, 119: 1-43。

Conference Papers

Wang, Y. B., Wong, T. C., & Cheung, M. F. (2020). “The discursive fight over sexual violence in the social movement– The case of Hong Kong”. Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference, Association for Cultural Studies. (Conference postponed due to COVID-19).

Wang, Y. B. & Wong, T. C. (2019). “How boundary lines are drawn? – Exploration the changes and dynamics in news practices, perceived role and professional ideals of Hong Kong journalists as a community of practice.” Paper presented at the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Media Development Conference (Hong Kong, May 2019)

Wang, Y. B. & Huang, Y (2016) “When objectivity is suspended: Negotiation of professional norms—The case of Hong Kong journalists’ coverage of June 4th incident”, presented at 5th International Conference of Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World, 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Wang, Y. B. (2013) ‘Cultural domestication of foreign emotions: A cross-cultural comparison over on-site news representation of emotions in 2011 Japan earthquake by journalists from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan’, presented at ICA annual conference, 2013, London, UK.

Links with Industry or the Professional Community
  • Member, International Communication Association
  • Regular guest speaker for Radio Television Hong Kong
  • Journal reviewer for Chinese Journal of Communication and Communication and Society