Objectives and Themes

The theme of the conference is multidisciplinary approach of media literacy research and practice.

The objectives of the conference are:

  1. To bring together international scholars and educators to discuss how different disciplines are contributing to the development of the field of media literacy and to put forward new idea and practice models;
  2. To explore how young people deal with digital media, including their social media lives, values cultivation, media consumption, news and information searching, creative media production, online shopping, healthy eating, leisure, work and study, social participation, etc. through interdisciplinary discussion in the new age of welcoming Web3.0. In addition, to discuss the relationship between media literacy training and the well-being of digital generation;
  3. To discuss how to bring the field of media literacy forward and review the criteria of building media literacy as an emerging academic discipline.

Specifically, topics for this conference shall include (but are not restricted to):

  • Communication and media literacy
  • Education and media literacy
  • Journalism and media literacy
  • Information science and media literacy (Media and Information Literacy)
  • Health and media literacy
  • Arts and media literacy
  • Language and media literacy
  • Technology and media literacy
  • Cultural Studies and Media Literacy

    There will be several plenary sessions and expert roundtable forums will be held during the conference. After the conference, the conference papers and the roundtable discussions will be edited for publication.