Established in the autumn of 2001, the Centre for Media and Communication Research (CMCR) promotes and coordinates research on media and communication in the University. It identifies and conducts research of theoretical or applied value across all the sub-disciplinary areas of the School of Communication. The Centre is committed to quality and integrity in the research and activities it conducts. Operation of the Centre is administered by a Director and an Associate Director. Faculty of both the University and other institutions are invited to participate in various projects and activities arranged and organized by the Centre.

Projects and activities of the Centre are:


To promote and conduct research in and out of the School of Communication;

To organize symposia and conferences;

To bid for and to assist faculty to bid for research funding;

To publish research outcomes in local, regional and international venues in Chinese and English language;

To engage in academic exchanges with key sister institutions in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and overseas;
  6. To identify new areas for research development; and

To publish a refereed journal, The Chinese Journal of Communication and Society (with CUHK) to foster cutting-edge scholarship in the field of communication and media.

CMCR takes on the role to foster the research community in the School. Its Research Program is a new initiative aiming to enhance faculty members’ networks, attract reputable scholars for collaborative works, promote a rich and stimulating research environment, and to strengthen connections with the local and international scholarly and professional community. To that end, the Center coordinates research projects related to media and communication such as cross-cultural communication, film, television and culture studies, public relations, advertising, branding, new technology and public opinion survey.

The funded research programs may have the following possible results: organizing international workshops, seminars, symposia, and conferences; generating external grants and attracting international cooperation; and involving and nurturing strong collaboration between individuals, departments, schools, universities, regions, countries, and disciplines.