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From the Airport to Regal Oriental Hotel

 1. By Airport Express to Kowloon Station, then by taxi to the Hotel. The Airport Express takes passengers to the city in about 20 minutes. Trains depart at 12-minute intervals from 0550 to 0115 daily, with the last train leaving the Airport Station at 0048. It takes about another 15 minutes from Kowloon Station to the Hotel.

2. By Public Buses
No. A22 Buses depart at about 20-minute intervals from 0600-0010. It takes about an hour to arrive at the Hotel.
No. E23Buses depart at about 15-minute intervals from 0530-0000. It takes about 90 minutes to arrive at the Hotel.

3. By Taxis
It costs about HK$300 to arrive in the Kowloon District. For details, please visit the web site of Hong Kong International Airport.

From Regal Oriental Hotel to Hong Kong Baptist University

The suggested way is to take the taxi. It takes about 10-15 minutes.