Multi-faceted in his skills, other than the arena of communication he applied himself to, all of Mr. Chang's contributions to the community were marked by his absolute devotion to integrity.

From 1978 to 1985, as head of the Department of Communication of the then Hong Kong Baptist College, he originated and championed the idea of "Truth is Virtue". Subsequently adopted by the School of Communication—the successor to the Department—as its motto, the phrase still retains its power to inspire. Today, many of Mr. Chang's students are accomplished professionals, who continue to uphold his words by striving to bring truth to our society.

When he passed away on 2 February 2006 at the age of 89, he left a legacy that has few parallels.

Website of "In Memory of Mr. Chang Kuo-sin"

Book by Mr. Chang Kuo-sin
Eight Months Behind the Bamboo Curtain
ISBN: 978-962-937-288-0


張國興曾任記者,亦是製片家、評論家及學者。無論在哪一個工作崗位,他都能發熱發光,對社會貢獻良多。他為人正直不阿,備受尊崇。一九七八至八五年,他是香港浸會學院傳理系( 現香港浸會大學傳理學院) 的系主任,其間充分活出他為傳理系所立「唯真為善」的系訓(現院訓)。今日,他的桃李大多已成為獨當一面的專業人士,不但仍然緊守老師重視的格言,亦致力為維持真實真誠的社會出一分力。張國興先生於二零零六年辭世,享年八十九歲,他的言行足以流芳百世。